Halloween 2012

We weren't sure what the kids were going to be for Halloween,
but a few hours before the ward halloween party we looked on pinterest and saw this spider idea.

We got some long black tube socks, we stuffed them and sewed them to his shirt,
then strung them together to hang on his wrists so they moved when he moved.

He loved it.

Sophie wanted to be a princess 

The rooms at the church had different themes
and the kids went from room to room trick or treating

His scary face

This was Sophie's first big Halloween, last year I don't think she really understood, 
but this year was a lot of fun.
Waiting to play some games

Another princess!!

No costume this year :)

We went trick or treating with our friend, the wizard. 
Sophie decided to be a witch this time.
Playing games at the neighborhood party

Going door to door with our friends

Going through our neighborhood

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