Marching Band

A big part of our life in the fall is Marching Band. 
We had no idea when Samuel started what a big production it is! 

They start in August and don't get done till the end of October, every day practicing and every weekend performing and playing at football games.
It's pretty intense and it's such a big part of Samuel's year that I had to show you his awesomeness. :)
(Some of the pictures are like a Where'sWaldo, you gotta search for Samuel)

After school on Friday they get a sack dinner and they go to the stadium.

They sit in the stadium and play for the football game until half-time

Their show this year was titled "Shift", and here is the beginning, they started in the corner and spread out. 
It depicted the shift from darkness to light, a lot of marching skill.

On the field

Samuel with his sousaphone. 
Last year was the Bari Sax. The year before was the Clarinet.

Watching the other team's band from the side-lines.

During the second half of the game they play more music and have fun in the stands.

At the beginning of October, the parents get together and decorate the band hall and make posters for each student to wish them good luck in their UIL competitions, where they compete 
against other marching bands in the area. 

Here's the Sousaphone's posters

Samuel's 'poster on his locker

All the students wait outside till the hall is all decorated and the parents wait and cheer them on

They get bags of treats and surprises and this year a lot of the sections made t-shirts.

Then when the day comes head off. Here they are unloading their instruments.

They warm up

Tune up

They line up

They take the field

They perform 

Here's one of Samuel

They go to the stands and wait for their results

The Sousaphone section 

The marching season ends abrubtly and we don't know what to do with ourselves afterwards

Then the concert season begins

And then the Jazz band season too. 

Samuel is looking forward to his final year and all the seniority that comes with it.

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