Grandma's House Trip #1

Daniel's little brother, Nathan, got home from his mission and Daniel had the vacation time for us to go for a whole week.  We didn't want Samuel to miss a week of school so he stayed home and we rented a little car for us and the kids. I liked the close quarters, it was easy to help the kids and we saved on gas. 

Each road trip the kids get a little toy that they open and it usually keeps their attention for a while

New Optimus Prime

Napping - we do a lot of that on our trips

I made play dough, we brought legos, books, dvds, coloring, books on cd.
We were switching things out pretty regularly.

Potty break

Playing soccer at the rest stop

They are pretty good with road trips, I hope we keep up the tradition

The car we used

Sleeping beauty 

Swimming in grandma's pool 

They spent a lot of time in the pool this trip
This was before breakfast our first day there, they don't waste much time.

He does whatever they want to do, he's such a good daddy. Love you honey. :)
We went to the science museum and they had legos and blocks.
Playing with Uncle Nathan

Welcome home Uncle Nathan!

Lego race car

coin funnel

happy girl

Grandma reading stories

Grandma has lots of books

Wrestling with Uncle Nathan

They got him!

We went to a wildlife park and it was awesome!

We got to touch sting rays

More animals

Petting zoo area
Deer to pet 


This baby goat would not stop nibbling on my shirt.

Sophie was scared of it but it was so cute
Ethan loved it
We got to feed the birds. They loved Papa Ed.

Feeding birds with Uncle Andrew

Uncle Nathan 
Ethan finally got a bird to take his apple
Sophie was a little scared but liked watching Ethan
"Take my picture with the Emu, mom!"

Sophie and Grandma were buds

More bird feeding

They had a platform we could climb to feed the giraffes, it was fun to be so close! 
Ethan was too scared to feed the giraffe but sophie got right in there

This was a younger giraffe, so cool!

Ethan was okay handing me the food but was a little freaked out.

We rode the sky lift on a ride through the whole park, it was fun.

We passed Daniel and Sophie as we did the turn-around on the way back.
Sophie and Ethan

The park we love, down the street from grandma's house
We went in the rain, it was very refreshing

a towel for the slides

Father and son :) 

Ethan helping sophie down

Action shot #1


We love the sand

Sophie could swing ALL DAY!

The outfit grandma got Ethan 

Grandma's sister, Aunt Kris. 
We love seeing her, the kids always look forward to it.
Uncle Nathan's homecoming/open house was a salad and potato bar.
We got to meet a lot of friends from the ward and eat lots of yummy food!
Thanks for having us grandma!!

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