Fun Phone Photos

I got a new phone last fall and here are some random pictures from it:

We went for a long walk 

Ethan lost his first tooth. He went in for a dentist appointment and they said,
"Oh by the way, did you know his bottom tooth is loose?"
It freaked me out a bit cuz he was only 4! I thought something was wrong. 
But they were just ready I guess.
Both bottom front teeth have fallen out since then, and adult teeth grown in.
His top front teeth are loose now.

On a walk together
Ethan got a uniform for Karate lessons

Sophie likes to play dress up

Cute hair day
I was working at the computer one day and the kids crawled under the desk to play

They were having so much fun I had to document this rare moment of sibling love
Funny faces

Smiley faces

Sophie got sick and was extra cuddly
Sophie girl 

Playing at Morgan's Wonderland

Karate lessons

Waiting for a haircut, looking like a little man

Sophie at the pool

Lunch in the back yard
Cow-girl boots

Cleaning the car before our road trip
mornings at our house. :)

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