More Birthdays

 September has always been a special month growing up.
When I was young we would often celebrate three birthdays all at once. 
My brother Troy was born Sept 2 (RIP), mine on Sept 26th, 
and my little sister's three days later on the 29th.  It always bugged me when I was little that I had to share my birthday, but now I'm glad we got to share those special occasions together.

This year I turned 30 and Daniel had the kids help him decorate.
Streamers and paintings by the kids. 

Daniel made me a special dinner and a Strawberries and Cream cake.

The kids helped me blow out my candles.

The sign from Sophie's birthday with modifications.
More streamers!

Lizzie came a few days later for her birthday.
I made Purok for dinner and we got her a chocolate cake.

Sophie loves her Auntie.

Happy 27th!!!

We hate seeing her leave

They love their Auntie

And Jacoby too!
Samuel is so much taller than her now!

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