Morgan's Wonderland Jazz Concert

Morgan's Wonderland is an amusement park located in NE San Antonio and is made especially for the handicapped. All of the rides are made to accommodate wheel chairs and there's lost of swings, slides, toys, water tables, sand play, picnic areas, etc. We have been there a few times and we love it. 

This time we were there for Samuel's Jazz Band performance. 

We love the Carousel
 We went a bunch of times while waiting for the concert 

Daniel just joins in and does whatever they do, they love it.

The dragon is Ethan's favorite

Sophie always talks to the animals...

And pets them...

and loves them.  :)

Too cool for school sitting on the side :)
We love these seat swings

Ethan and Daniel riding the cars on tracks

Getting ready for the concert

Clarinet Solo

The Band

Tired, hot and ready to go home. :)

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