We are back! Summer 2012

We spoke to the grandparents this weekend and they kindly asked about the blog. So here I am bringing it back from the dead. :) It's nice to know that they want to see what we are up to and we are excited to show everyone what's been going on.  The last 6 months have been amazing! We left off in June 2012...

For a few months Samuel was part of a band with some friends from school. Here they are at a graduation party...
They all started out in shirts and ties, standing with the hostess on the right.

That little kid on the far left was in middle school still at the time. So talented.
Here's Samuel at the piano after the wardrobe change.

They did a bunch of cover songs, I thought they did great for high school kids.

We love going to the Zoo, especially with friends:
Hippos are our favorite

We love it when they are out of the water.

We love it when they give us a close-up.

Big and Little, such pals.

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Kylie said...

I'm glad you resurrected the blog! Now I can check out your cute family!! Looks like you are still having fun!