ZOO 2012

We are Zoo members. It's probably the cheapest thing to be a member of here in San Antonio 
and with their early summer hours for members, we can be there at 7:30 and be back 
at home in the AC before it gets too hot. :) 
Last month Daniel took the day off and joined us at the Zoo. 

Sophie getting too big for her Britax.

Ethan jumping rocks on the way to the Zoo.

Running up the snake path

Sophie loves all the fishies

Ethan loves the croc that was out. 
The zoo keepers were using sticks to try to get the croc to go inside.
Usually we don't see much of him, much less see him actually move.

When did they grow so fast?

I don't know how he holds em both at the same time.

These two are so much alike. I love it.

Sophie is starting to be more independent, 
so daniel puts her on his shoulders to keep track of her.


We got popsicle cuz it was so hot!

Stepping stones 

 Playing in the Kiddie Area  



finally looks at me.  

She loves watching people

playing with the sand 


Daddy bought some food 

Sophie all cleaned up 


going on the stepping stones

back home and out of the heat :)

Ethan was so tired he asked to go on daddy's shoulders 

Sophie was in charge of the stroller

she pushed it all the way back to the entrance

We finished up with the train ride

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