Family and Graduation

Going to the airport to get Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Helping Grandpa get the bags

Talking to the airlines about his lost bag.

Sophie in Auntie Lizzie's shoes

Happy Birthday Papa Ed!
Papa Frank came to visit and immediately gives gifts and starts taking pictures. :)

Sophie got a purse with a horse in it and Ethan got a football that lights up. 
They loved it!
Sophie warmed up to Papa right away. I was so excited for Dad to see Sophie and how she's grown. 
I think she looks like a Peterson and I'm proud that she has the same eyes and cheeks as me. :)

He's totally wrapped around her little finger.

He even lets her brush his hair.

even when it hurts.:) 

She's so easy going, loved to just sit with him.  

Auntie Lizzie came!!


She wanted to learn to make Purok, it was so fun to make it together.

salmon crumbled and put in.

pie crust all around and ready to go in the oven.

Auntie helped Samuel with his AP terms test while Papa Ed played monopoly with Ethan.

Daddy was outside with Sophie.

Fishing in the kiddie pool

Conning dried mangoes from Papa Frank before bedtime.

No resistance whatsoever. 

Samuel showing his skills

Lizzie "gettin it all set up!"

Getting ready to play Settlers

More mangoes

Bed time stories with Papa Ed

they look a lot a like to me :)

sugar high from the mangoes

Bedtime hugs with Grandma Marcia

going to give hugs to everyone

Papa Frank playing and sophie giving hugs in the background

so great to hear dad play again!


grandfather and grandson playing together

Thanks grandma marcia for helping so much in the kitchen!

teaching Jean and papa Frank how to play settlers. They caught on really quick!

Dad and Jean and the little ones. 

Daniel getting ready for graduation

I am so proud of my honey

On our way to the ceremony


sitting in the gym

we brought lots of toys and snacks to keep them busy

There's daddy!

Parents of the graduates standing

walking on stage

clapping for daddy  

After the ceremony there was flash flooding and soo much rain!

the kids playing while we waited for everyone

when we got home we gave daniel his gift, a new bike

Samuel had a concert that night so half of the family went to his concert, 
and the other half went to Daniel's graduation.

sisters. hehe. :)

Saying goodbye to Auntie Lizzie

we love her so much. 

more rain, they needed to dig out the trench to keep it flowing around the house 

started to hail 

he volunteered, I didn't even make him do it 

Sophie in Papa Frank's shoes

Ethan's soccer game. 

Pre-game practice 

Sophie's turn

offensive against Daddy 

Getting into the game, Ethan loved blocking 

Papa Frank cheering

Ethan blocking again.

Getting encouragement from coah Lupe  

After the game

Best buds.

Papa enjoying the heat in south texas. not. :) 

Mother's day morning!

Strong dad
Papa Frank put doors on the shed for us, Thanks Dad!!  

Papa's holding a picture of him and me when I was Sophie's age 

"Mommy" she said


Whenever Papa comes into town we get sushi at Godai

Sophie's first time

grumpy face

Ethan loves washing windows

Lunch at Costco

Sophie and me

doing dishes

At the pool


Getting ready to eat dinner

at the bikes shop getting Daniel's gift

Eating dinner


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