Springtime 2012

Everyone has that embarrassing photo of themselves taking a bath with their sibling, 
here's Ethan's and Sophie's. :)

I tried to curl Sophie's hair one day, it looked so cute,until I took all the curlers out. 

I'll have to let it dry better next time. 

This is what happens when Daddy comes home. :)

slip-n-slide in the backyard! 

We put a new floor in the shed so we could start using the storage space.

This was the back patio before pressure washing.

Half-way done. 
Samuel did a lot of it for us. 
We just got the pressure washer from home depot and went for it.

After a day or two of drying we put a sealer on and it's lookin a whole lot better!


Lydia Story said...

Such cute little kids! I have tried to put curlers in my little Sarah's hair and they kept falling out. Now that she is 5 and her hair is quite a bit longer they stay in better. But at least one always falls out. Poor girls with stick straight hair.
Love your blog!

Steph said...

Its so great to see you back :) I haven't posted anything new since May of this year. Sometimes blogging is so easy and other times, its not. Great to see how the kids have grown ... and you my dear don't look like you've aged at all!! Love ya Jocelyn!!