Pre-School Pics

Hey there, it's about time I blogged again, it's been what? 7 months? Ya, it's overdue. :) Things have been really great lately, not perfect, but we feel The Lord's love and blessings. Pictures speak better than words, so here you go!

Right after Christmas we celebrated Ethan's birthday. Here he is opening a gift in the car.

I did preschool last year, twice a week, for Ethan and his friend Olivia from church. Their birthdays are a week apart, so this was our birthday celebration.

We were doing "L" that day so we played pin the tail on the lion.

Gift bags!!

A few months later we did the letter X for x-ray.

Olivia's x-ray, Ethan as the photographer.

Olivia has since moved away but we had a great year. Her and Ethan's personalities are completely different and it made for a great school environment. When Ethan didn't want to do something Olivia motivated him to do it, and vice versa. 

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