Happy Birthday Samuel! (March 2012)

Blogs at times can be decieving, we tend to blog only the good times. I understand why, but I hope people who read this understand that we are normal, we have ups and downs. Birthdays are "ups" for us and this year was Samuel's big 16. We tried to make it special for him:

House decorations. We had those up for a month or two after his birthday cuz the kids liked hitting them so much. 

The view of the table. Kitchen to the left and the master through that door.

We took Samuel downtown to Fogo De Chao for his birthday lunch, here's the parking garage.

Sophie's so glam with her shades, and Samuel is her bodygaurd. :)

Creme Brule for dessert.
Ethan and Daddy love chocolate. :) 

His first time having creme brule
Happy Birthday Samuel! 

Getting the cake ready at home.

He wanted an ice cream cake this year.

Thanks grandma and grandpa johnson!

His favorite game. Settlers of Catan.

His present from Daniel and I barely got here before his birthday.

So happy. :)
Just what he wanted! 

His birthday was 4 months ago and he knows so many songs now, I'm so glad he's enjoying it.
Love you Samuel!

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