Morning baby!

Ethan wakes up around 6:30 every morning, usually after D and Sam have biked to work and school for the day. But each day he'll ask to be put down after I pick him up from his crib, then he'll check each room for Daddy and Samuel, to see if they will play with him.

He looks first in our room to make a quick check for Daddy. Then the bathroom, but nope, no daddy there.

Then he politely knocks on Samuel's room to see if he is there. Samuel is smart, leaving his door closed. :)

Then Ethan has to check our room even better, to make sure Daddy isn't still sleeping, if he is we'll jump him, and that's fun.

He checks the blankets, pulls them off to make sure daddy isn't hiding, looks around again...

When Daddy isn't found he gives up and smiles. It's just him and mommy. Gonna be a fun day.


em said...

would you LOOK at all of those teeth!!!!!! brennan has 4 and one is all the way in, at 13 months. crazy how different every kid is. his teeth take MONTHS to come in...for which i am very grateful;-) it made nursing to a year a cinch;-) plus, he's never shown any teething pain.

Clayton and Camea said...

That is so sweet! Evelyn loves her Daddy too and always has to look for him and is super sad when she misses him in the morning. Everyday she wakes up calling, "Daddy, Daddy I'm awake! Where are you?" Ethan is so handsome!

marciamuse said...

Ethan is getting so big! He is definitely looking like a little boy instead of a baby. I'm sure Daddy Daniel would love to stay home every day to play with him!