Garden Veggies

Before we left for Thanksgiving we were enjoying lots of summer squash, green beans and snap peas. Our poor cucumber and sweet corn didn't make it cuz I thinned them too late and killed the roots, so they never really grew. But for our first garden I think we did pretty well! And we know better for this spring...in a few months actually.

The summer squash was so pretty

Ethan loved to help pick the veggies

And they looked so much better than what we saw at the store. I felt so blessed to be able to grow atleast something, knowing we wouldn't be completely hopeless if a disaster ever struck.

It brought Daniel back to his childhood. His family usually had a garden growing in their yard too.

Our green beans - looking good, atleast until the frost hit and the garden got demolished.
The snap peas are still there but every thing else has died.

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Erin said...

Way to go on your garden! I really need to talk to you and get some gardening pointers.