Some of the things we do

We like wearing our daddy's old clothes.

We like running back...

and forth.

We like squeaky basketballs.

We like to suck our thumb and to feel our blankie, and yes it's pink, but it makes us feel better.

We like buses. This is our first official bus ride. Such bliss.

We like breakfast, especially at our favorite Iron Skillet truck stop.

We like cups that look like everyone else's sodas, but are actually water. And we like anything we can hold while also holding our favorite car, cuz we aren't letting go.

We like homemade projectiles made with everyday flammable substances like hairspray and bug repellent. And we like shooting them off in the backyard. Oh ya.

We like painting without paint, no clothes on, and lots and lots of watermelon.

We like rocking chairs and our favorite "choo-choo" dvds.

We like smiles. :)

We like happiness.


kemp-y-QUA!! said...

awesome! what a cutie. i cant wait till rock is big enough to play with Ethan :)

Em said...

i LOVE this post.

Debbie said...

What a cute post! So I am curious - how is Ethan painting w/ out paint? That sounds right up Toby's ally (and mine if there is really no paint involved). :)

Daniel and Jocelyn said...

Thanks you guys! We will totally be coming over to play with The Rock! :)

And the paint without paint is an AquaDoodle pad, you use a brush or fill a special pen with water and they can draw and get it all over but it's no big deal cuz it's just water! We found one at a thrift store for like a buck!

marciamuse said...

All my boys wore the choo-choo train outfit--but then it was with a little dress shirt for church. They were made by my mother, Grandma Mogene who passed away January of 2000. It is nice to see the outfit and her love passed on to another generation of Johnson's.
Grandma Marcia

marciamuse said...

Papa Ed went crazy with glee over the new pictures! He's not a proud grandpa at all!:)

We especially loved the picture of Daddy and Ethan on the bus. We'll have to sing that song when he comes and maybe take a Phoenix bus!

The Rookie said...

Your little boy is just so cute!