This is Ethan

Ethan enjoys doing dishes with his Daddy.
We are starting him young. :)

He's a cuddler,

he loves markers,

And got his first set of watercolors last week.

Thanks grandma for my new sunday clothes!


Em said...

what a little stud!!! i started water color painting with brennan this past week. he ate the paint yesterday for a good 5 minutes. i knew i couldn't fight him on it, so i just let him eat. hopefully it is non toxic;-) love putting toddlers to work. makes like harder in some ways and easier in others.

Lydia Story said...

How fun! You are more daring than I am. I won't let my kids get near markers. He is such a handsome guy!!

Rach said...

thanks for your sweet comment!

your little man, so cute. especially in his sunday get-up, hard to beat a little boy in a vest!

Jay and Linz said...

Jocelyn, HI! It's Jay Durrant, I saw your name on Cali's blog friend list and I was hoping it was you. I am excited to be in touch with you and look forward to checking out your blog. If you want to see what we're up to jayandlindsay.blogspot.com

The Chad said...

Mrs. J

This is Chad Meynders. I have a question for you husband. I am alway coming up with different ideas and have had some lately about generating electricity. I have been wondering if, in Oregon and Washington, and i guess Alaska (haha) because of the amount of rain fall, you could stick minature turbines in down spouts of building to generate electricity. Also, what about hooking up your exercise bike or home or work exercise equipment to a type of generator, to generate power while you work out? Let me know what he thinks. chad.meynders@gmail.com

marciamuse said...

Ethan looks way too old all dressed for Sunday--but very handsome!