Ethan update

How many times can a toddler wake up in the night? I was up atleast every hour with poor Mr. Ethan and his sore mouth. We were all up by 6 due to the crying and whining and I was so drained! We didn't make it to the rodeo last night, sorry Katie! I knew it was going to be a doosy so we opted just to stay home and rest up for the long haul. So this morning I put a small flash light up to Ethan's mouth to get a good look and there were dark spots around some of the sores. Freaked me out! So I called the wonderful Call-A-Nurse hotline here in Align CenterSan Antonio and got an RN over at Methodist who said because he's in such pain and the black spots are there we better take him to the ER to make sure everything is okay.

To the ER we went!! Loaded with blankie, train, and Diego to pass the wait with. We found the Children's ER entrance and there was Valet Parking!! Awesome! Being so frightened for your child you don't want to have to deal with parking the car right! So we go right in, quickly get invited back, they were kind and efficient and patient with my crying boy. We saw the doctor who was so playful and kind, gave him a toy to keep and gave us an Rx for some wonderful pain meds that will help him catch up on some sleep over the next couple of nights as we get over the worst of it. I was so relieved when she said that we only have another day or two of this and he should start getting better.

So he's in his crib now and has been asleep for 45 min. straight!! He hasn't done that in days. Love it! I'm not a big fan of drugs, but I'm so grateful he's sleeping and I know he'll feel so much better when he wakes up. He'll be better able to deal with any pain he feels if he's not sooo tired. So we are good, should be back to normal in a few days. Yay!


Debbie said...

Wow! Poor Ethan...AND you. I am glad that the meds are helping Ethan (and you too!) sleep better. Its the worst to see your child in pain. :( Hope your little guy gets feeling better soon!

Em said...

so sad!!! what was it??? i'm amazed at how exhausting it is to have your sleep cut into.

Zack and Lizzie said...

oh poor boy! give him a big kiss and hig from his Auntie!! love you guys!! Get some sleep sista!

Daniel and Jocelyn said...

Thanks ladies! we are officially better!

Em, the Dr. said that everyone has the Herpes 1 virus but that the first time it manifests itself it can be a doosy - In children and teenagers it fills their whole mouth with canker sores and their gums swell and bleed a bit.

I think Ethan got the Herpes 1 from me cuz a week before he got sick I had a little sore on my lip but didn't realize it was a cold sore till after I had kissed him a ton of times. And I got the cold sore from stress, I'm all pregnant and am sick and tired all of the time. So Ethan got it in his system, then we went camping and he was out in the sun a lot and his sleep was totally lacking, so his body being so worn out was very susceptible to the virus and it attacked. It was so bad I didn't think it could possibly go away on it's own. But it did! We just had to endure and let his little body heal itself.

Poor guy though. Just make sure you don't kiss your kids with a sore, and you wash your hands a lot!! Hydrate and sunscreen whenever your out in the sun and take longer wind-down time before naps to help them to sleep. I've been so tired I've just been reading a short story before nap time and putting him in his crib. The stinker sings and bounces all through nap time sometimes, I don't think it's bad every now and then, but a whole week of it without making up can really compromise his system. That's what happened the week before camping, then the sun exposure and still no napping really weakened his system.

But I couldn't have known, you never know with some things I guess and you'd stress yourself out trying. But if it ever happens to your kids you can call me and I'll talk you through! :)

Rach said...

scary!! sick kids, basically the worst thing ever.

so glad you liked the cinnamon rolls! I have yet to use it as pizza dough, I have wanted to make just plain dinner rolls too.

thanks for the tip!