Our Halloween

Daniel was Frankenstein. 
The night before the costume contest at work he asked me if I had any ideas.
We were able to come up with it all at home with stuff we had around.
The head piece was two milk carton bottoms put together with black duct tape.
We looked up a face paint recipe and made it our selves,
and we stuffed his suit. You can see from the clock that we finished at around 2am.

The next morning we put him all together again,
 and Ethan woke up to Frankenstein Daddy

Then he drove to work, he said a lot of people were checking him out. :) 
There were two contests in his building, one for his company, and one for the whole building. 
He had a great time and they voted him the winner of both. 
Last year he didn't dress up cuz Sophie was only a month old and everyone was disappointed. 
I'm glad we are able to keep the tradition going.

Getting everyone ready to go to the ward trunk or treat

Ethan couldn't wear his mask so we made some more homemade face paint

I spiked Ethan's hair too. 
Samuel was at a game that day and couldn't make it

The candy we brought didn't last very long


 Sophie getting into her candy

Samuel didn't start on his costume till Halloween day
And he decided to be a the shufflin robot from Party Rock song
Walkin the neighborhood 

A lot of teenagers recognized what Samuel was
The little kids just thought he was a robot

It was fun to walk around as a family

Sophie was in her skeleton jammies

Ethan did most of the knocking this year, last year he was too shy

"Look what I got!"

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