The Luncheon

Marcia did it again. She planned a gorgeous luncheon right after the sealing for friends and family. The Gunther house was a private residence turned into a historical landmark in downtown San Antonio. The building in the background in the house and we had the top floor. In the foreground in front of the house is a restaurant. As we walked by, everyone oooed and awwwed at us. It was so cute!

There was a really pretty balcony that we took more pictures on while waiting for our guests.

We were so happy!

This is our table, the Lilies were gorgeous!

The catering was delicious and I successfully ate the whole meal without dropping anything on my dress. :)

After taking another round of pictures, we left the Gunther house, with Daniel holding my train the whole way, and went to relax before the open house that evening.

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