The Open House

We met even more family and friends at the Williams' who volunteered their home for the open house. My mom made peanut butter balls, Phyllis Sanchez dipped strawberry's for us but the topper had to be Marcia's cake!

Marcia stayed up most of the nights that she was in town working on this gorgeous wedding cake! Can you say Red Velvet? All made from scratch! It had cream cheese frosting and was so delicious! We had leftovers for about a week!

After the evening was all over we took our gifts and went to our hotel downtown on the river walk as a honeymoon. We loved the fact that our wedding wasn't a huge event, but that it was intimate and sacred. It was perfect for us. And we lived happily ever after in our 1/2 bedroom apartment. :)

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Clayton and Camea said...

You looked gorgeous!