Mother's Lounge

And here's a classic from the mother's lounge at church. My church experience seems to be so different now that I have Ethan. It seems to be pretty common among other moms too - walking the halls, in and out of sacrament meeting, spit ups, doodies, they haven't gotten control of their voices yet so it's not their fault. But I miss the days of taking notes and making comments and feeling overcome by the spirit every now and then. My hands are too preoccupied to juggle a note pad, I'm often distracted by my child or by the stiffness in my arms from holding him while he sleeps so he doesn't miss his afternoon nap, and well, the spiritual experiences come in other ways I guess...feeling his warmth, realizing what a miracle he is and how our Heavenly Father trusts me enough to raise him, how much he reminds me of his daddy and how much I love that. I guess my spirituality is not lost, it's just transforming a little bit. :)

Ethan is starting to accidentally roll over... this is him the other day going sideways a little bit. This is his little floor gym that he really loves. We have taken the arches down to discourage us from putting him on his back when he goes on the floor. It's so easy to set him down for a sec on his back when I need to go grab something or when I need my hands free, but now we set him on his tummy for little bits of time frequently throughout the day and it's made a big difference.

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