Grandparents!! Yay!!

Marcia and Ed got to come again for a whole week to stay with us! We were so spoiled to have them! I loved it because I love having family near, but I also had someone around during the day, and they helped out so much! Grandpa Ed was always doing the dishes and being so helpful! Grandma Marcia took me shopping and always had wonderful advice for my questions about being a mom. We stocked up on good healthy food and had a wonderful time! We miss them.

Grandpa Ed isn't looking at the camera but it's still cute! We were trying to find cute grandparent names while they were here. Grandpa Ed could also be Papa-Ed, to distinguish him from Papa-Frank, and Grandma Marcia could be Mar-mar or a new one I thought of is "Nana". You'll have to let me know if you like it or not Marcia. Ethan will probably come up with his own variations on whatever we use anyway. If you are reading this and have any ideas for cute grandparent names please leave a comment!

Three generations of Johnsons!

It was warm and sunny, so Ethan went around in his sun hat.

Papa-Ed helped us take Ethan on his first pool experience.

He put on one of his swimming diapers, his little trunks and we slathered him in sun block and went to the apartment complex swimming pool.

Daniel and I went to the store earlier that day and picked up the inflatable swimming toy. I love the canopy and it has a water play area right in front of him to keep his toys in.

He didn't do much but sit in it while Papa-Ed and Daddy passed him back and forth between each other and got water in his eyes and mouth. Mommy had to put a stop to it when Daddy almost dunked him by accident. :)

But the Johnson boys had a lot of fun in the pool!

So did Mommy, I love to swim!

Papa-Ed and Grandma Marcia played with Ethan a lot, he had so much fun! Whenever Daniel and I needed to go anywhere they wanted to stay and watch him for us. I know they love him and just want to spend time with him, but it was a big help for Daniel and I to get to spend a bit more time together, it was so nice!

Grandma Marcia got an Ethan Kiss!

Ethan loves his Grandma

Daddy and Papa-Ed worked on the computers...

While Grandma Marcia was fixing dinner. We had so much fun while they were here! We hope they come again soon.

After they left, we got this video of Ethan. Daniel and I try to read books to Ethan a lot, with enthusiastic voices, and with lots of inflection. He has started to copy us a little bit, especially in the early mornings and when we are putting him to sleep. We talk back to him like we are having a conversation. We caught him on video reading a story to us.


Mike Walker said...

This is such a great blog! Your life is so exciting! What a cool time for you.

Clayton and Camea said...

Jocelyn!! You crazy girl, I have been trying to find you forever and now I've blog stalked my way into finding you! Hurray! I got your wedding announcment late (my parents were in the process of moving!) and so I wasn't sure if you'd be still there. Then Kim got your baby update and she sent it to Julie and Julie sent it to me...anyway I still couldn't get a hold of you. Clayton and I are so excited for you and your family! Keep us posted! Eathan is so cute, by the way...Good job!

John and Chantalle Bishop said...

I love the pictures- especially the swim ones! Isn't it so fun when they splash themselves and are so surprised? So fun!

marciamuse said...


I will be happy if Ethan calls me anything.
Thanks for posting all these pictures.

Grandma Marcia