Silly Ethan

These were taken a few days before Christmas.

Diaper head

Hazy eyes

On the prowl

This ornament looks like the "sparkly" from the Secret of Nimh.

We call him cheekers

Squishy face

I'm ready for my close up!

Ethan likes to share


Brenna said...

I loved the Christmas pictures. Now I'd like to see some 1st birthday pictures ;) Here's a late Happy Birthday to Ethan!

Wheat Family said...

You take such great photos that capture wonderful moments! Thanks for your comments and offers to help. We are doing pretty good, and hopefully we are all at church on Sunday. (It was great to be back, but I was grilled for coming alone hehe)

I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Samuel, I have just watched him a few times and he is so great with all the youth activities and welcoming Joseph into YM. Such a great example for all the boys.