Lesson learned

A few weeks ago Samuel was bored on a Sunday. We believe in keeping the sabbath day holy, so we try to focus our activaties on things that will help us to grow spiritually. So I asked Samuel what he could do that would help him to grow spiritually. He decided he wanted to build something. I said that he could as long as he could connect it to a spiritual principle.

So he decided to build a catapult.

Daniel and Ethan even joined him out in the driveway, lashing branches together.
It stood about 3 feet tall!

I told him (jokingly) that he had to draw me a diagram and make a presentation. He got really into it and drew me a number of ways to figuratively use a catapult in a spiritual sense. This is one of the many uses. "HF" being Heavenly Father, "s" being satan, and our more powerful weapon against the small stone of money troubles, being tithing.

Love it!

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Debbie said...

haha That's cute!