Solo Competition

Samuel took part in a solo competition at his school.
He got all dressed up one Saturday morning and we piled into the family vehicle
(only with a bike rack on the trunk).

He had been practicing the piece for months, with an accompanist and everything! but he was still a little nervous.

This was his first time in front of a judge by himself!

We knew he would do well. He got in line and tapped his leg nervously as he waited for the flutist to finish. I was so proud of the way he sucked it up as he entered the room, looked the judge in the eye, introduced himself, and counted off with the accompanist. It wasn't flawless, he's only in 7th grade, but it was awesome!
He got a ONE!
(That's good in band-speak) and he was so proud!

He did so well we went to celebrate, at his favorite restaurant - HuHot.

Ethan loved it too! He sat the whole time in his seat, never crying to get down.

He even wiped up his mess!

After that I took him outside to burn off the extra energy.

Here he is, doing what he loves to do - run. Up and down the corridor. Back and forth. There and back. Endlessly. Much like the adorable Lilly, he's an "Energizer Bunny".

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