First 1/2 Summer

I was thinking about separating these pictures by event, but it's just not happenin'.

Too many!

Let's start at the beginning of the summer ...

Samuel had his end-of-the-year band concert.
He will miss Mr. D, but is excited to be in Wind Ensemble this fall.

He tested and got first chair in clarinets.
You can see him in the middle sitting down with the black glasses.

Early this summer we went to the annual SRC picnic! We got to meet Daniel's new co-workers and got to see old friends. And as always the food was awesome!
Ethan of course went for the first ball he could find.

And started kicking it

We went for a walk around the park
and got drenched in the rain.

We made it back in time for Samuel to finish up the pinata!
Blew it to bits.

For the picnic they gave us free tickets to the attractions in the park.
A fun one was the train!

Ethan was a water fiend that day.

Samuel's funny faces.

We were at the caboose

We got tickets for miniature golf too...Samuel's a great shot.

The clubs were a little short for D.

Ethan wouldn't let go of the colored golf balls we gave him.
After D shot, Ethan ran after his ball and tried to find it in the castle.



Grandma and Papa Johnson came into town for a week and this is the only picture I got of their visit. Sorry Grandma, it's only one, but it's a good one. :)

Ethan loves Momma's lasagna!

"I like it A-LOT!"

Father's Day = an afternoon of cooking.

D got a personalized cheese cake from scratch.

Then the boys wrestled for a while.
As you can see, Ethan's winning streak is still intact.

Ready for lift off!

Up, up and away!

"I love Daddy's sound effects!"

Daddy's tuckered out

But Samuel's ready to go!
C'mon horsie!

I love footie pajamas from Children's Place.
I got these on sale and I LOVE them.

Momma busted out the bubbles

Ethan loves bubbles!

I don't usually let him rome without clothes, but we went out to water the grass and his diaper started to swell, and eventually I just took it off.
There's no point.
So he got to run around naked for a little bit.

I came home from the gym one day and was craving shrimp!

So we pulled out the new BBQ-er, and our old table into the back yard
and made shrimp and chicken kabobs with fresh pineapple and veggies!
Soo good.

This is Ethan's first Kabob.
He really liked the pinapple, just like his daddy.

Samuel's ready to eat!

And here is the remnants of our feast!

For the 4th of July we went to the Circus, just like last year.

The pre-show was Awesome!

They didn't have this guy last year.

Daniel had to lift E up above his head to reach.
I think it rocked his world to see a guy that tall.

Over-all, this year's circus was nothing compared to last year's Bello-bration circus by Barnum & Bailey. I guess they rotate different circus themes each year and I just didn't like this year's as much as last year's.

But we got clown noses!!

This picture reminds me of last year's...

Ethan was only 6 months old!

Speaking of Ethan's age....

Can you say: NURSERY!

Yup, my son's in nursery.

This was taken July 5th, 2009, after his first day in nursery.

Which he loved!

And this is his first ever colored picture that he brought home for me.

It's still hanging on the fridge.

Ethan was quite the socialite this summer.
He got invited to a handful of birthday parties and had a great time!
Here he's at Ryah's 2nd birthday.

They had punch balls!

And yummy food.

This is us with Ryah's little brother Jace.


Erin said...

It is fun to see all your pics and what you guys are up to. Looks like you are having a great summer. I loved that picture of Ethan totally covered in your lasagna and mouth wide open! Very cute. He sure is growing up. Isn't nursery great? Sounds like Ethan loves it. Myer is doing pretty good but still gets a bit sad when dad takes him in. He may be doing worse if I was the one dropping him off. Luckily I am not involved because I am busy playing piano in primary. Probably better that way! And your kabobs looked scrumdidlyumptious!

James & Vivian Frei said...

Wow, you sure have had an eventful Summer. Your family is beautiful and I can't believe Ethan is in Nursery I bet he has a blast with all the other little kids.

Fooks Family said...

I love all of your pictures. Looks like you have been pretty busy. Whats your e-mail so I can send you an invite?

Landon and Kylie said...

So glad to know you're still alive!