Ethan at 10 months

I went outside to our front lawn with Ethan and watched him play in the grass. He loves dirt.

He's great at looking at the camera.

He decided to crawl down the walk way toward the car.

He loves to crawl under things.

His laugh is filled with excitement.

Here we are in the garage, getting back from a walk. This is at the beginning of November - yes those are shorts. I love Texas.


Anonymous said...

ohh im so jealous! here i am in rexburg...for life! hehe. ps. he is so darn cute, i wish i could meet him!

The Rookie said...

Jocelyn! I found you from Tanya's blog, hope you don't mind.

How are you, cute gal? And in true randomness: That baby is adorable. Glad to see all is well in your little corner of the world!

(This is Brooke from K-town, by the way).