Which Ones?

Our first official family pictures! :) Yay! It's a fun snapshot of our lives this past year.

There are alot of pictures in this post, but I've been putting off getting prints of our family pictures to put up in the house. I couldn't decide, so I want to know what YOU think? I'd like your opinion. There are a few poses with each set. I need one picture of each person combination for the frames I got.

Here are the ones I'm choosing between:

#1 - My favorite of us



#4 - These ones of Samuel and me and then the other of Daniel and Ethan would be book end pictures








#12 - a favorite

#12 - such a great kid
















Both Ethan and Samuel were real troopers. They posed and didn't complain and Donna the photographer was great at getting Ethan's attention. He love it.


Lydia said...

Jocelyn, my favorites
are 1,6,10,14,19 and I couldn't deside between 20 and 21. The boys took such cute pictures together. The family photo that I liked the best was 24.

Sam said...

Joce-you have the most adorable little family! I can't believe how big and cute Ethan is getting! And Samuel seems like he is such a fun boy! I hope all if well with you guys, have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

hey Joce-
I love all of them, but my faves are 1,4,6,8,9,15,17,21,23,27. I know, i had a hard time choosing. but you guys look awesome. Love them all.

Michelle G. said...

Jocelyn - I didn't know you had a family blog! I'm so glad I found it...your blogger ID threw me off b/c it has a weird symbol in it. Great pictures. You guys are a handsome family. Great boys - they are so lucky to have you. I've got to go play catch-up now with your posts!

marciamuse said...

Well, I may get in to trouble with this one but I didn't care for your couple pictures. Jocelyn is hugely photogenic in all of them, but I didn't like something about the way Daniel was portrayed. On the other hand I thought Daniel looked great with Ethan. All the boys pictures are fun. 14 and 15 are my favorites of Samuel. 7 and 11 would be my choice for bookends.
Love you!

emily said...

too many to choose!!!! they are all really wonderful:-)

Anonymous said...

sooooooooooo cute! you look gorgeous! hey im making the blog private, so if you want, email us your address so we can add you! justinandaubree@gmail.com

The Schmidt Family said...

What a cute family you have! I loved all the pictures. They were ll so good. Hope everything is going well!

Erin said...

Jocelyn, I'm glad you found my blog and left some comments! I actually had seen your blog name on my tracker thing and was trying to figure out who you were and came across your blog a bit ago. So, I guess I was secretly looking at your blog for a bit. :) Sorry should've left a comment sooner. But you've got a cute little family. Lots has changed for you since I last saw you guys. Looks like you guys are doing well. These are great pics, hope you were able to narrow it down. It would be fun to get together sometime. Does the ward still go to the park for playgroups at Orsinger? I could meet up with you then if you let me know when or almost any day is fine for me. Kenner has speech on Monday and Wed from 9 - 9:30 but we'd probably meet later anyway. But those are some good days because I'm usually up and going better those days since I have to get him to speech! :) Let me know what works for you. You can email me at hartmane at gmail dot com. Hopefully you caught my email through that. All one word. I've seen people do that so stuff can't pick up your email address. Anyways good to hear from you and I'd love to talk to you about your garden too!