Ethan turned ONE in January!

Ethan turned one in January and I was debating whether to do a big party or a low-key family get together. I was looking in catalogs and online at all of the birthday kits you can get and all of the different themes. I think I would have done Pooh bear theme, but in the end I went the simple route - friends, some awesome cake and the best theme of all: the "Ethan!!" theme. He didn't know what was happening really, just that he was the center of attention and he got to eat sweets.

We started out with breakfast burritos!!

And mommy telling him what a wonderful boy he is and that it's his special day.

He smiled his bashful smile.

Like I've said before, I LOVE presents, even when they are for other people. I couldn't wait to open Ethan's presents with him, not even until his actual party. So here he is the morning of his birthday opening all his presents. The bowl he's holding is from Grandma Marcia and he wouldn't let go of it. He loved it!

Mommy, making funny faces.

Again, with the bowl.

Here he is playing with his lincoln logs when the girls arrived. We invited two families, it was very informal. Sam and her girls live just down the street and I babysit Summer, in the pink, and Destiny on the floor, every day after school. Ethan loves it when they come over, he dances and claps his hands when they come in the door. We also invited our good friends the Ereti's. We've been close to their family since I moved to San Antonio, Sarah's my oldest and closest friend in Texas. I love her to death. They have 4 girls and 1 boy, David, who is only a few months younger than Ethan. They are buds.

Here's the cake before we cut it. I made a double layered Texas Sheet cake with
Chocolate Sour Cream frosting.
(Behind it is the green leather couch I'm fixing up, we used it as a bench)

After we sang Happy Birthday and helped Ethan blow out his candle, we gave him a piece of cake, but it took him a while to realize what was going on. I started to video him, thinking he would dig right in. After a couple minutes of him just sitting there I stuck my finger in it and offered him some to help him along.
After that he was good to go.

He's always been a great eater. He likes to inspect his food before putting it in his mouth, and sometimes even after he puts it in his mouth he takes it out to inspect it. I know. it's gross but cute. :)

He's palming it now. Lovin' the ice cream!

After he got going on his, we served up everyone else. Thanks for coming everyone!

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em said...

so cute!!!! brennan just cried the entire time. i gave him a giant cake to himself, and he got the top layer of frosting on his stomach. i don't think he liked the way it felt;-)