Let's Rodeo!

This year was our first time going to the Rodeo and it was a lot of fun! We started by checking out the pig competition. The smell was a little strong, and people were filing in and out all the time, up and down the bleachers. They would watch their pig get judged and if it was eliminated they'd leave, more people would come in. But they were so polite and helpful! So laid back and approachable. They made room for us and everyone loved making Ethan smile. The lady next to me educated me on what it takes to raise a prize pig and when we had to jump down from the crowded bleachers to leave total strangers turned to give us a hand, and all with a polite nod, as if that's the way it is all around the world. I love Texans!

Here's the map we took a picture of to know where we were.

After watching the pigs we worked our way around to one of the many petting zoos. It was free to go in and hang out with all the animals and Ethan really liked it. There were so many pregnant goats!

Here's a Kangaroo!

After the petting zoo we caught a puppet show with singing and jokes. We got to sit on bales of hay. Lovin it.

I saw a pony ride and was so excited to get Ethan on his first horse!! So we splurged and got in line. We got to the rodeo pretty early so we were the only ones there!

Here we are choosing the horse. A pretty black and white one, smaller than the rest.

Here's Ethan, strapped to the horn and bouncing up and down. He loved it! I even let go a few times.

We got to go around 4 or 5 times.

D is taking pictures and Ethan was excited to see him.

coming around again!

When he got off Ethan started clapping. "Thank you Mr. Pony Ride man!" He had a blast.

We got free ice cream too!

We spent most of the day at the carnival. It was Dollar Day so each ride was just a buck! Daniel had never been in a fun house before so Samuel took him.
They spent seriously 2-3 minutes in the mirrors, trying to find their way through.

Here they are on top looking at the crazy mirrors.

These are my favorite pictures. The motion is great and the color in the background is awesome.
Here's Samuel.

And here's D

I love fast, high, super crazy rides! But Samuel isn't into them so we went on a few smaller coasters and these kiddie bumper cars. Here I am in the red hoodie trying to catch him.

I was having a hilarious time! I was laughing and tearing up and crashing into people.

We met the Ereti's there after a while and Samuel had fun going on rides with the girls. Here he is with Shaina and Rene


Clayton and Camea said...

What fun!

Landon and Kylie said...

That totally reminds me of going on the Superman roller coaster at six flags with you. What a riot!