What our Christmas looked like

We had a wonderful Christmas, it's crazy to think that last Christmas it was just Daniel and I in our little apartment - we woke up at 2am (cuz I LOVE presents and couldn't sleep b/c of all the excitement) and we made crepes, our new Christmas morning tradition!

This year, with a baby and a teenageer in the house, I had so much fun!! I loved hiding the boys' presents in my room, wrapping everything, decorating everything, making the stockings and most of all - getting up in on Christmas Eve to put everything out! It was so much fun! I got up early Christmas morning cuz I couldn't take all the suspense and woke everyone up when I got tired of waiting.
D helped Ethan open presents and he loved it.

Presents under the tree!

Samuel lifting his "massive" stocking

Ethan found his stocking on the floor and the first thing he grabbed was the ginger bread man that Sarah made. She has a tradition of making ginger bread men from scratch and putting them in her kids' stockings, she made extra for us this year. They were sooo yummy! Ethan picked off the raisins first.

Samuel unwrapping his stocking stuffers.

Here is Ethan opening his first Christmas present. He didn't really get it, so D helped. In the end he got frustrated and found some confetti and played with that.

We opened all our gifts!! The keyboard is mine from D, I got him a maglite set and Samuel got the basketball to go with his new basketball hoop outside.

We hinted to Samuel that there was a second part of his basketball present. He didn't get it at first, but when he did, he ran outside at 5 in the morning to play with it. We played a family game later on in the day. D and Ethan vs. Samuel and me.

Christmas officially ended about a week later when I took down all of the decorations and the massive tree. It was gorgeous and smelled great, but it was taking up so much space in our little living room. So one day I wrestled it out of the stand, stuffed it through the front door, and dragged it to the curb for the city to pick up, and here is the mess it left behind. It took a while to clean it up, first by hand then with the vac.
Poor little Ethan is wondering what happened to the prickly thing with all the shiny balls on it. He loved them.
We love Christmas!

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Anni Winings said...

Jocelyn, I don't know if you remember me. I was one of your roommates in NY. I just found your blog through Kylie's. I was so excited! We have our own blog too, if you're interested. It's private, though, so I'll have to send you an invite. If you want the link, email me at ann.winings@yahoo.com. So excited to see what you're up to!