Some filler

Here are some fun pictures we've taken between Christmas and now.

In this picture Ethan isn't walking yet, but will pull himself up on things to stand. Here he is helping D to fix Samuel's bike. I'm one of those mom's that makes my kids walk or ride a bike to school, especially since it's only a few blocks away. None of this chauffeur business from me! :)

Here is a close up of what a piece of food might feel like with Ethan around..."Here he comes!!!!!"

Mommy kisses

He's free-standing now, this was last month I think. I turned our file cabinet sideways so that 1) it's harder for him to get into, and mainly 2) so that he can use magnets on it rather than the fridge where he'd be under my feet all the time in the kitchen.

And here are the two brothers. Ethan will try to cuddle with anyone and everyone if they are on the floor. He'll literally plug in his little thumb and head-butt you as he colapses to cuddle with you. It's actually kinda painful and scary especially for the little kids who come to visit - he'll basically hug them to the floor.
He's already tackling people. :)

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